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About Evropa 92

Printing house EVROPA 92 is a printing and graphics brand that successfully handles the European competition, thanks to visionary moves and investments and keeping up with the contemporary flows in the graphics industry. That is how a respectable 8500m2 production and administration space was created and how the number of 120 highly qualified and trained employees increased.

In EVROPA 92, the employees come first, and our care for them is constant. We confirm that determination by organizing professional training for newly-employed individuals, who are being trained and gain advanced qualifications about the contemporary requests of the graphics and printing industry because that is the only way to guarantee sustainability in the long term.

In today’s increasingly digital world, the professional way of communication with our potential and regular clients, and professional advice, we, unreservedly and in the best possible way, strive to help in the realization of the ordered product.

As a result of all this, EVROPA 92 has a continuous growth of its production, just as financially as much as materially. The growth is continuous in the last five years and it has a growth rate of over 20%.

A large part of the production is for the domestic market, but a significant part is also intended for export. In recent years, a breakthrough has been made in the countries of the European Union, among which are Germany, Greece and Bulgaria, as well as constant export in the neighbouring countries.

Our production capacities with the most modern graphics equipment, a team of highly trained personnel and an application of the ISO standards are our guarantee for a successfully completed work. All employees advocate for a constant promotion of the integrated quality management system, the service and the protection of the environment in accordance with the ISO9001, ISO2000-1 and ISO14001 standards, as well as the protection and safety of the employees under ISO45001 and protection of the information, which the printing house has at its disposal under the ISO27001 standards, and the use of certified FSC materials.

Meet the team The Evropa 92 team is here to help you with all your printing needs. We offer a complete package of services for printing, finishing and delivery of your materials.

General manager +389 (0) 33 279 344


General manager

Assistant Manager +389 (0) 33 279 342 +389 (0) 70 354 702


Assistant Manager

Commercial sector +389 (0)33 279 341 +389 (0)76 348 061


Commercial sector

Commercial sector +389 (0)2 2461 820 +389 (0)76 348 023


Commercial sector

Commercial sector +389 (0) 33 279 341 +389 (0) 76 348 015


Commercial sector

Commercial sector +389 (0) 33 279 341 +389 (0) 78 348 067


Commercial sector

Quality controller +389 (0) 33 279 341 +389 (0)76 348 083


Quality controller

Director of Finance +389 (0) 33 279 338 +389 (0) 76 348 100


Director of Finance

Department of Finance +389 (0) 33 279 334 +389 (0) 76 348 007


Department of Finance

Department of Finance +389 (0) 33 279 335 +389 (0) 76 348 003


Department of Finance

Department of Finance +389 (0) 33 279 337 +389 (0)76 348 017


Department of Finance

Department of Finance +389 (0) 33 279 340 +389 (0)76 348 019


Department of Finance

Head of the preparation and assembly department +389 (0) 33 279 331 +389 (0)76 348 104


Head of the preparation and assembly department

Design and computer preparation +389 (0)33 279 331 +389 (0) 76 348 090


Design and computer preparation

Design and computer preparation +389 (0)33 279 331 +389 (0)76 348 039


Design and computer preparation

Design and computer preparation +389 (0) 33 279 331 +389 (0) 76 348 034


Design and computer preparation

Design and computer preparation +389 (0) 33 279 331 +389 (0) 76 348 038


Design and computer preparation

Design and computer preparation +389 (0) 33 279 331 +389 (0)76 348 014


Design and computer preparation

Design and computer preparation +389 (0) 33 279 331 +389 (0)76 348 013


Design and computer preparation

Machine maintenance Production manager +389 (0) 33 279 354 +389 (0)76 348 102


Machine maintenance
Production manager

Electrical maintenance +389 (0) 33 279 354 +389 (0) 76 348 105


Electrical maintenance

Electrical maintenance +389 (0) 33 279 354 +389 (0) 76 348 044


Electrical maintenance

With 30 years of experience, quality and tradition behind it, today EVROPE 92 Printing House is one of the largest and most successful printing houses in the Republic of Macedonia.

Starting with the computer printing line in 1990, following modern trends in the printing industry, the company today has more than 8,500 square meters of production-administrative space, over 120 employees and a highly qualified management team. Located in the industrial zone of the city of Kocani rice, in the heart of the Balkans, our printing house is an example of a company that keeps pace with modern standards and world technology. The secret to success lies in the high level of innovation, flexibility and precision in our production, as well as full compliance with the wishes of our customers.


The “Evropa 92” printing house, with the installed equipment and facilities, is one of the leading companies in Kočani and the country. According to the technology and introduced standards, it is counted among the very top of the printing industry in the country and the wider region.

  • 1990


    “Evropa 92” was founded in 1990, and its conceptual creators are three experts with extensive experience in printing. The printing press appeared on the market and began to break through with a machine for Roto printing on computer forms – Goeble (Gebel).

  • 1993

    Newly built hall

    In 1993, he made a significant development step with the move to the newly built hall in New Industry – Kocani. Here the machine park is enriched with two tab-two-color offset machines Heidelberg (Heidelberg).

  • 1996

    Roto printing house in Skopje

    In 1996, Evropa 92, with competitive market principles, broke the monopoly of NIP “Nova Macedonia” and started printing daily and periodical newspapers. For this purpose, he opened a Roto printing house in Skopje.

  • 2002

    New production space

    And the year 2002 is a significant milestone in the development process. A new production space, i.e. a facility, with 4,500 m2 of usable area was built and put into use. In the same year, Nebiolo Target II, a hit set roto machine, was acquired.

  • 2008

    Komori System 20 installed

    In 2008, Komori System 20, a printing machine for full color hotset printing, was installed.

    In parallel with investments in new technology, “Evropa 92” works on maximum production automation, standardization and rationalization. During the years of dynamic development, it prints over 30 titles of daily newspapers, periodicals and other information content.

  • 2016

    The semi-automatic line for partial UV varnish Scien-JC

    In 2016 with the commissioning of the Scien-JC semi-automatic partial UV lacquer line, the demand of more customers for a more luxurious appearance of their editions has been answered.

  • 2018

    Hot glue line WOHLENBERG Vario S30

    By installing the hot glue line WOHLENBERG Vario S30 with a larger number of stations, the time for making hot glued products has been significantly reduced.

  • 2019

    New hall and electrical plant with a power of 182kW

    A new hall of 850 m2 has been put into use as a warehouse space and a photoelectric plant with a power of 182kW has been installed on it. With this fourth photo power plant in a row, the total power of electricity produced from ecologically renewable sources has risen to 332kW, which is a sufficient indicator of the company’s social responsibility in environmental protection.

  • 2020

    New MAN Roland and KOMORI Lithrone offset printing machines installed

    A new offset printing machine MAN Roland 700 with 8 colors and B1 printing format was installed.

    In the same year of the launch of the MAN ROLAND 700, another KOMORI LITHRONE S829P printing press was installed and launched. The machine has 8 colors in B2 format with the possibility of double-sided printing with one pass of the tobacco (4/4 perfector) and the possibility of UV varnishing.

  • 2021

    Investment year

    2021 was an investment year for EVROPA 92 printing house. At the beginning of the year, an eco-solvent printer MIMAKI CJV150-160 was released for printing large format posters. With this investment, EVROPA 92 entered a new sphere in digital printing.

    A WOHLENBERG Type 115 paper knife was also acquired in the same year

    Due to the increased workload, it was invested in a new folding machine up to B1 format MBO K70.

    Following the most modern trends in the field of digital printing, the older models of the RICOH Pro C901 have been replaced by the latest generation of the most modern RICOH production machines, namely the RICOH Pro C9200 model with 115 pages per minute and the RICOH Pro C7200x with the possibility of printing an additional fifth color (gold, silver, white) and the possibility of partial varnishing. As well as the RICOH Pro 8110s black and white model with 110 pages per minute.

  • 2023

    We continue to invest

    At the beginning of 2023 the section for digital printing of large format posters has been upgraded with another InkJet printer CANON TX-4100.

    As a socially responsible company, EVROPA 92 continues to invest in renewable energy sources. This year, another photoelectric plant with a power of 39.7 kW was launched.

Quality and safety policies

ISO certificates The received ISO certificates also witness the proof of EVROPA 92 quality. When we talk about quality, we do not just mean the making of a quality product, but also the quality of the service in full. The relationship with the clients and suppliers, the care for the safety and the health of the employees, protection of information, care for the environment, following the legal regulations…

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